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I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Eireann’s inspirational and educational series of children’s books. “Maisie the Animal Minder” blends both fascinating true stories and oh so colourful illustrations. Maisie and her Mum travel the country in their wonderful Campervan “Cherry” who seems to have a personality all of her own… complete with cherry patterned curtains!!

With a background in Health Visiting, I can highly recommend these books for all settings whether it is nursery school, library reading corner or best of all parents at home reading to their children at bedtime. I so enjoyed reading them out loud to myself (my daughter is now 20 so I will have to wait for grandchildren to read Eireann’s “Maisie” books… I can’t wait.) Some of my favourite bits include:

  • The map of Great Britain at the start of every book which shows Maisie’s journeys… a great way to talk to children about where they live in relation to the places/counties Maisie and Mum visit.
  • The detail of each story reminds me so much of the security of my own fortunate childhood, together with the traditions and work ethics that still hold fast and true today… for example, jobs should be done, especially for your animals before ourselves.
  • The stories are very much relational in terms of new friendships made and the importance of maintaining family relationships, particularly in the story “Maisie and Ben” who are brother and sister.
  • There is no mention of regular TV watching as the family entertainment is traditional when it comes to socialising with friends and family, talking, eating and laughing together.
  • The illustrations keep both adults and children entertained, particularly when it comes to counting crabs, dolphins and seagulls.

In summary, this series of books can be enjoyed by both across a spectrum of generations and whilst harking back to a traditional aspect of family life maintains joyous excitement of modern day childhood combined with these values.

Anne Hutchinson – RMN, RGN, Health Visitor Diploma

“What a wonderful way for children to learn about our natural world and general knowledge.” 

KF – Primary School Teacher

“A bright new star in the world of children’s books.” 

PN – Business Administrator.

I wish I was Maisie!” 

CF – Children’s Librarian 

“My children just can’t wait for the next book.”  

SS – Delighted Parent

“When will Maisie have her own TV series? Make it soon PLEASE!”  

GD – Playschool Worker

“Delightful characters, living a life we can all aspire to.”   

AR – Parent

“I want every book in the series for my granddaughter.”

JJ – Personal Assistant

“When can I go to Waterstones and buy Maisie?”

JB – Grandparent

The most enchanting of children’s books. I purchased some copies
for Christmas for my sisters young children and my daughter was mortified that these were not around when she was little. These books should be in every school and on every childs shelf up and down the country. They are a truly wonderful read. Thank you for writing with such care and charm. These books are full of personality and fantastic story lines and lessons for us all.

Paula Marshall-Smith

My two grandchildren (aged 3 & 5) absolutely adore this book and it is now a firm favourite. They race each other to find Maisie’s cats Merlin and Pebbles who peek out, often half hidden, on almost every page. They never tire of the story and find something new every time we read it. They are very excited that another book is coming soon all about a deer and I can’t wait to read it to them. Well done Eireann keep ’em coming – the grandchildren want the whole series!

Jacqui Haslemere
maisie the animal minder books