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Maisie’s Travelling Christmas

Copyright to Words and Music owned exclusively by E. Littlefield © All Rights Reserved    

Sing along with the words below!

It’s December soon Christmas will be here

Time to move on again

Pets to care for in sunshine, snow or rain

That’s Maisie’s Travelling Christmas

The week before Christmas travelling North

Decorating Cherry  

Paper chains, fairy lights, baubles on the tree

That’s Maisie’s Travelling Christmas 

The day before Christmas travelling South

Hanging stockings for the cats  

Special gifts, mistletoe, wearing Santa hats

That’s Maisie’s Travelling Christmas

The day after Christmas travelling East

How far will they go?  

Cherry skids and slides in heavy falling snow

That’s Maisie’s Travelling Christmas

The week after Christmas travelling West

It’s nearly the New Year

Pick up Ben and visit friends and all that they hold dear

That’s Maisie’s travelling Christmas

Maisie's Travelling Christmas

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