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Maisie travels to the Inari Sami School in Finland!

Last winter I had the honour of visiting Angeli reindeer farm in Inari, Finland.

maisie the animal minder travels to Finland

Our host Anne graciously shared her home and life with us taking us through some of her Sami culture, reindeer herding and the jewellery and crafts she makes with the reindeer skins she prepares there. I bought a lovely pouch from her that I carry my salt in while travelling. Much nicer than a plastic box and exactly what it has always been made for.

While discussing her Sami language and heritage she talked of the local Sami school where the children are now able learn their own language as their first language and how few books they have there for the children. 

maisie the animal minder travels to Finland

I offered to send her the first three books in the Maisie the Animal Minder series to use as she wished, to be either read in English or translated to the Sami language and how the signposts and towns in the stories could be changed to Sami names.

maisie the animal minder travels to Finland

Anne has sent me a lovely email thanking me for the books and letting me know how all the children in the school love reading them and learning about the British Isles and the English language. Anne says it is a very small school with only 152 children and teachers in the whole school and they all love Maisie’s adventures in Cherry the Campervan with Mum, Merlin and Pebbles.

I am proud and honoured to know that ‘Maisie the Animal Minder’ is in Inari Sami School in Finland being used and enjoyed by them all on a daily basis.

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