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About Maisie the Animal Minder

beautifully illustrated children's books

About the Author

During December 2007 both my children had left home and I was made redundant. No family at home, no job and no money. What was I to do?

I discovered Animal Aunts, a pet-sitting and animal-minding company. In January 2008 I was accepted as an ‘Auntie’ and took to the road.

I travel anywhere and everywhere, staying in people’s houses, farms and smallholdings, looking after their animals when they go away. Mostly, I look after domestic animals, travelling from place to place, leaving one job and going to the next. Never a dull moment, as the first few books will testify.

I discovered Bushcraft and over the years have been on numerous courses and training, learning all the independence, skills and knowledge to survive in the woods and wilderness.

To learn to spin I went on a sheep-to-sweater weekend, shearing a sheep, taking the fleece through the stages of dyeing and spinning to a finished knitted item. A few hand spindles travel with me and I still spin fleece and make special commissioned items and slippers for customers.

One day I was telling some friends, amidst much hilarity, about some of my adventures, the comments were “You should write some books” and so the seed to write about my animal minding life was planted. These are true stories and have all happened to me since becoming an Animal Aunt.

About the Maisie series

There are 18 stories in the British Isles series and they cover England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and come full circle. They teach geography, nature, wildlife, locations, animals, different breeds and the respect, love and care needed to look after animals properly, colours, numbers, language, telling the time and many many other things.

Finding things in nature to wonder at, foraging for food and for things to make into what they need.

An ethos of kindness, love and gentleness towards all animals, people and the planet runs throughout, this includes self-sufficiency, making and reusing everything needed with nothing wasted and living simply with very little.

Mum and Maisie live a life full of animals, nature, love, learning, kindness, friendship and adventure. Many people comment that it’s a dream life – and it is. Other reviews have described the stories as – inspiring, heartwarming, educational, quirky and highly original.

Maisie the animal minder
Maisie the animal minder

About Maisie

Maisie is home educated; she meets other children in summer school camps. Sometimes Mum and Maisie join her brother Ben on Bushcraft camping trips and other adventures, e.g. learning to surf. Maisie learns about life on her travels. Maisie’s adventures will resonate with all children, the simplicity of life without lots of ‘stuff’, how satisfying and joyous life is with few possessions and constant interaction with animals and nature – and all children love animals.

Maisie and Mum are totally unique. They live a life full of adventure and delight within the wonderful world of animals and nature.

Cherry the Campervan is a totally green camper and runs on a solar charged electric battery, so no pollution, a solar panel runs a few lights and a radio, a small wood burning stove for cooking and heating, a few bookshelves and cupboards. Maisie has her own bed in Cherry the Campervan’s pop up roof.