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A short synopsis of characters in Maisie the Animal Minder

©  by Eireann Littlefield

Maisie – 

     Maisie is 7 years old, with brown hair, hazel eyes and a huge smile.  She loves to sing and is learning to play the flute. She is ‘home educated’ by Mum who teaches her the basic curriculum. Maisie learns about many subjects during her travels including history, geography, nature and general knowledge and of course about looking after animals.

      She spends some time throughout the year with other home-educated children, on workshops and summer camps. Sometimes she joins up with her brother Ben for other adventures. 

     In between animal minding jobs they may visit family or friends, go on Bushcraft courses and have other adventures. She loves all animals, especially her cats, Merlin and Pebbles, and adores her brother. 


Mum grew up on a farm and has lived and worked with animals all of her life. She enjoys the freedom and variety of travelling around looking after different animals. She is very knowledgeable on many subjects and is qualified and experienced in Bushcraft, wilderness survival, many old traditional crafts and self-sufficient living. Ecologically minded, she creates her life to live lightly and kindly on the planet. She spins wool and knits many items including slippers and shawls.

Ben – 

Ben is Maisie’s older brother and is away at University studying for an Art Degree. He is 18 years old, tall, dark with hazel eyes and a big smile too. He is a trained Woodsman. He carves many wonderful items from wood he finds and collects. He also has qualifications in Outdoor Adventure and spends holidays in many locations teaching surfing, lifesaving and scuba diving. He plays guitar and banjo and writes and performs his own songs.  He wrote the song ‘Maisie the Animal Minder’ for his sister.

Merlin and Pebbles –  

Merlin and Pebbles are brother and sister. Merlin is a big, black, male cat, with green eyes and black whiskers. Pebbles is a small, tortoiseshell, female cat, with gold eyes, a white chest, and white paws. They arrived as kittens at a rescue centre where Maisie and Mum were working in London. Maisie just fell in love with them both.

As they were so young, Mum thought they would quickly get used to travelling in the van, and so they joined Mum and Maisie on their adventures. They love their life, are very friendly and get on with all the animals they meet. They adore Maisie and sleep with her wherever she is.

Cherry the Campervan

Cherry is a red campervan. Maisie calls the van ‘Cherry’ because of the white curtains with cherries on and the same beautiful red colour as the van. There is a solar panel, which powers Cherry as well as a radio and some lights. Maisie’s bed is in the pop-up roof, and there is a fold-down sofa which makes another bed for Mum.  There is a small wood-burning stove, a sink, a cupboard and some bookshelves. There is a special flap and travel basket that fits in the rear window, so Merlin and Pebbles travel safely. 

Eireann Littlefield

Eireann is the pen name of the author of the ‘Maisie the Animal Minder’ series of stories.  The stories are all true and based on her life and experiences as an Animal Aunt.

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